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Lent 2018

Christianity: A Challenging Faith


The Christian Faith when lived sincerely is not a passive activity. Disciples are not simply human beings that self-identify as Christian. Nor are we born as Christians. The Christian Faith is not a political position nor is it “a” political. Persons making the commitment to follow Jesus become “imitators of Christ,” representative witnesses to the one true God who is made real, fully human and fully divine, in Jesus. The Christian Faith is a challenging faith. It challenges the individual and the culture to better reflect the Love of God and neighbor.


February 18

Mark 1:9-15

Challenge of Temptation


February 25

Mark 8:31-38

The Challenge of Following


March 4

John 2:13-22

The Challenge of Action


March 11

John 3:14-21

The Challenge of Believing


March 18 – Consecration Sunday


March 25 – Palm / Passion Sunday

Mark 11:1-11


March 29 – Holy Thursday

Communion Service


April 1 – Easter Day

Mark 16:1-8