This congregation traces its history to early Methodist Missionary activity during Texas’ years as a republic. In 1839, the Rev. Isaac L. G. Strickland was assigned to the Brazoria Circuit and organized a Methodist Church in Columbia (now West Columbia), an early capital of the republic.
During the latter half of the nineteenth century, the town of Columbia lost much of its population to Marion (now East Columbia), and eventually the Methodist Church began meeting there. The congregation built its first sanctuary in Marion, where the Columbia Circuit preacher held services twice a month.
About 1913, another Methodist congregation began meeting in West Columbia. In a few years, this church had grown to require a full-time pastor, while East Columbia fellowship still was served by a circuit preacher. By 1928, the two congregations merged and have continued to meet in West Columbia since.
With its ties to the beginnings of Methodism in Texas, Columbia United Methodist Church stands as a significant reminder of Brazoria County History.
1984: Recorded Texas Historic Landmark